Teen Support



“Everyone is born to shine. Our goal is to help young girls realise just how bright they can.”
— Believe by Sam Frost

Our Mission

We understand the difficulties that young girls can face during adolescent years and after many struggles myself as a teenager and now a mother of two daughters, I (Kristine) alongside my beautiful sister, Sam, felt compelled to create a positive, inspiring and nurturing space dedicated for pre-teen (10-12 years) and teen (13-17 years) girls.

The team at Believe are really excited to share with you that we will now be running unique, fun, practical and informative workshops and courses for pre-teen and teen girls across Australia through our sister site, Stronger by Believe. The workshops will provide the essential tools to help the girls improve their confidence and self esteem, build inner strength, self belief and resilience, grow friendships, manage stress and improve their health and wellbeing. We also offer one-on-one youth mentoring online, if you are wanting something a little more personal.

All girls are accepted, encouraged and celebrated for their uniqueness and individuality.

Our number one mission for creating this dedicated space, is to give the next generation of women the tools and confidence to face the world feeling stronger. To learn more about our upcoming workshops, visit our sister site, Stronger by Believe.