Katie's Story

I don't know that I have a story. I grew up in a beautiful family, I have wonderful friends, I have an amazing husband and children. I live in a wonderful house and I have a job.

Yet I always question my worth.

When I'm with friends, I question if they really like me, when I go out, I constantly analyse what I'm saying because I'm so fearful to upset people. I try to make new friends but in my head i tell myself "they wont like you," I'm constantly telling myself I'm not good enough at my job or that I'm never going to get another job because I didn't finish school.

I criticize my personality all the time.

This is in my head. My black dog. No one knows know my dog. To everyone else, I have no issues. To be honest, Iā€™m happy, I truly am. It's just about learning to ignore the black dogs bark and sharing helps.

Kristine Ross