About Sam

I’m Sam Frost, a 30 year old Australian actor who, in the past few years, has gone through a public battle with depression, anxiety and relationship breakdowns. Throughout this time, I have been very humbled and grateful to have had a large amount of support and love from people who have reached out to me personally, via email or social media, to detail their own dark battles — asking for advice and guidance.

The vulnerability of these stories has moved me so deeply, inspiring me – alongside with my sister Kristine – to create Believe by Sam Frost.

About Kristine

My sister Kristine is a 34 year old qualified Fitness Instructor and a mum of two daughters. We have always had a special bond and are genuinely the best of friends. Throughout our lives, we — along with our four brothers — have endured our fair share of challenges. During these testing times, my siblings and I have always armed together to support, encourage and guide each other through adversity to grow stronger than we ever were before.

My sister has been such an incredible source of strength for me. From a young age she taught me to celebrate my imperfections, to be the true me — unapologetically. Her lessons have followed me into adulthood, where I now feel centred and at peace with my flaws, my insecurities and the darkness that is sometimes all I can see.

When I wanted to give up, to quit my job, to wave the white flag and surrender to the critics, she said to me "You are stronger than you think, keep going — if not for yourself then do it for others who look up to you.” So I pulled up socks, stopped feeling sorry for myself, went to work and did my job — unapologetically. And that is one of the many reasons why there is nobody else I would want to create this platform with than my inspiring big sister, Kristine.


What is Believe?

Believe is a mental health initiative for young girls and women focusing on depression, anxiety, toxic relationships and navigating the sometimes challenging world of social media. This is a safe place where everyone is invited, included and accepted. A place where imperfections are celebrated. Here you will find uplifting stories of strength and resilience, with advice from psychologists and others who have walked a similar path.

We believe in the power and strength of sisterhood where we encourage women and young girls to stand side by side and build each other up with support, kindness and acceptance. No matter how lonely it feels sometimes, always remember, you are never alone. This website is a safe digital home for you, to support, connect, inspire, educate and provide guidance to those of you who may be suffering. Our ultimate goal is to shine a much needed light on mental health and pave our way together with you through the darkness, so that we may all become the best versions of ourselves.