First Steps

Question -

I'm 20, and lately I've been really really down and all of a sudden I've been very anxious and not being able to see a way out of it? I'm usually the positive one in my surroundings and lately I just can't seem to shine my light as bright as I used to. My question is what is the first step to just getting control of my mental health back?

Answer -

Thank you for your question. It sounds like you have been going through a rough time lately. You have already taken the first courageous step in terms of asking for help!

We often believe that we need to be positive and happy all of the time in order to be mentally well, but in reality, it’s not realistic to be positive all of the time! Our emotions (positive and negative) come and go, and eb and flow throughout life. If we fight the negative ones, it’s like walking through life with only half of ourselves. We need to be able to acknowledge and be with both the positive and the not-so- positive emotions too.

If you have been experiencing anxiety, chances are that something has happened in your life where you have lost a sense of control and a sense of ease or safety.

Anxiety can feel so uncomfortable as we have a whole lot of neurochemicals pumping through our body while we are trying to go to sleep or act like everything is ok.

It could be helpful to have a chat to a therapist or someone you trust to work through what could be happening for you. 

There are many things you can do to regain your mental wellness. Here are some helpful tips to help manage anxiety

  • Talk to someone you trust or a therapist

  • Go out in nature

  • Move your body

  • Take slow mindful breaths

  • Do something that brings you joy

  • Be gentle with yourself

  • Learn to listen to your inner compass

  • Get plenty of rest

Wishing you all the best.

~Thania and Christina ~

Kristine Ross