Finding the Courage

Question -

How do you build up the courage to see a psychologist? A few of my friends have suggested that seeing someone might be helpful but I don’t know how to ask and get the confidence to book an appointment.

Thank you so much :)

Answer -

Hi there, thank you for sending through such a helpful question!

It definitely is such a daunting experience, taking the first steps to seek therapy. We can understand that even just reaching out to send an email or make the call to book an appointment can feel incredibly nerve-wracking.

Below are some things to consider when getting ready to contact a therapist, and tips for how to prepare:

1. Do some research about the kind of therapy and therapist that would feel most suited to your needs. Find someone who aligns with your values and who resonates with you. Finding someone you connect with and feel safe with is paramount to you feeling like therapy is meaningful and effective. Committing to the counselling process is a big investment, so it can also be helpful to consider how far you have to travel and whether the fees are affordable for you. Here is a blog we wrote on how to find the right therapist for you:

2. A lot of therapy services have receptionists who are trained to talk to people just like you, who are feeling unsure about booking in. If it is a good quality practice, you should feel heard and supported when you call to book in. If you don't feel comfortable with your first experience when you call (e.g., if you feel judged or if the person on the phone is not friendly), it could be worth considering seeing what other services are out there that make you feel more at ease.

3. Make a list of questions before calling that you want answered. Sometimes when we're feeling anxious and put on the spot, we can lose our words and forget what we wanted to say or ask! Having a list in front of you when you call can help you stay on track and make sure you have all the information covered.

4. Know that it's really normal to feel nervous about taking the first step to access therapy. It is a courageous thing to do and such an important part of our self-care. Having an idea of what to expect when you attend your first session can be helpful to soothe some of the anxieties about what might happen. If you'd like to read more about what to expect in the therapy process, have a read of our blog here:

We wish you all the best in taking the brave step to see a counsellor when you feel ready to.

~ Thania & Christina.

Kristine Ross