Melinda's story

I just wanted to share this small note with you. I was having a bad day one day (probably upset over a guy) and so I was crying in my car in a car park. I knew there was someone parked next to me, but I just didn’t care, I needed to release my bad day emotionally.  Once I felt composed enough, I went in to my appointment at the doctors, and when I came back out, I found this note on the dashboard of my car. I was so surprised. I had been having such a crappy day up until that moment.

Hi, I was parked in the car next to you here….. saw you were upset. Hope your day gets better :) xxx

It just made me realise, in a world where we are sometimes so focused on the negatives, it helped me to know that there are positive people out there who share kindness everyday. From receiving this note, it gives me inspiration to know that I have the power to make others feel good too. 

I’m also a primary school teacher and every year I share this note with my class.

I tell them that one kind act like this can really change someone’s day or outlook on life.

Finding the note made me realise there is hope for society. And it made realise that we need to be kinder to not just ourselves, but to others. We have the power to go out of our way to smile, to say a joke, to say please and to say thank you, to hold the door for sometime, to ask someone how their day is, to tell someone they look nice.

It’s so simple and yet it brings you and the other person so much happiness and joy. 

Unfortunately I never got to say thank you to the lovely lady for her random act of kindness, so instead I will share kindness through my every day life, and tell this story to the future generations to hopefully shape their social behaviour. 

I thought you might be interested in the story with the start up of you new Believe initiative. 

Have a good day

Thanks, Melinda. 

Sam Frost