Madison's Story

I struggled with depression and anxiety for years. I suffered bullying, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I’ve struggled with a separated family my whole life. For a long time the only person I had to rely on was myself, until I found some amazing people to help me through.

I started self harming at the age of 14 and it continued for years. I was doing it everyday.

I tried taking my own life twice at 16. I ended up In hospital and a mental health ward. Since then I’ve had the most amazing support at school from my year level Dean and psychologist inside and outside of school. I’ve been put on medication though I am coming off it soon as my psychiatrist believes I’m ready.

I’m now 150 days clean from self harming. I also struggled with bulimia for a while. I hated eating food. I’d go days without food and then I’d binge, I’d feel so fat and gross so I’d throw it up. My school, family, friends and amazing psychologists have helped me through my struggle with that. I am also now 150 days clean from throwing up.

I genuinely think I’m doing amazing and I’m so proud of myself.

I’ve made goals for myself such as a Cert 3 and Diploma in Childcare as well as Psychology and more. I’ve managed to get my grades at school back up and I’ve learned to love food instead of hating it. I’ve learnt to appreciate it.

I still have my days where I struggle, don’t get me wrong, but I’m strong enough now not to let it conquer me, instead I keep fighting and get back up when I fall down, I have trust and faith in my journey and where I’m headed.

I believe in my future and what it holds for me is incredible. And I keep going.

I’ve learnt to love my scars now instead of being ashamed of them. I don’t regret it as it’s made me who I am today and how strong I’ve become. I wouldn’t do it again but I now appreciate my scars as battle wounds, and it shows how strong I’ve become and that I managed to get through it.

Thank you for your help, Madison x

PS - I love your page so much. It’s beautiful and helps so many people with their mental health. I am so grateful and appreciate it so much as it helps me through what I’m going through currently. It’s beautiful and you should both be so proud of yourselves for creating such a helpful and meaningful page to help others struggling.

Kristine Ross