Mel's Story

My name is Mel and I use my anxiety as my ‘superpower’.

About a year ago I suffered panic attacks and had a really tough time. My world felt like it was crashing down. I was dizzy, had back and neck pain, felt insecure and paranoid, lost my confidence, scared, worried and would google all my symptoms (which made me feel worse).

I will never forget the fear I felt during this time, wondering what is wrong with me?

I discovered through my GP that I was suffering from anxiety. I reflected on what may have brought it on, there was nothing I could pin point, just that I never really emotionally looked after myself. I never asked for help, I never spoke about my feelings. I suppressed it all.

One day, my mind and body had enough. It wanted some love and attention.

I see a psychologist now, regularly visit my GP, I reach out to friends often and share my own coping tools. I started the conversation with friends which is now like a little support group for us all - that’s something I am proud of.

I put myself first, sleep well, eat well and i’m more gentle with self talk. I’m continuously working on giving my mind and body what it needs now and I am healing….. I survived.

Kristine Ross