Callie's Story

Hi, I’m Callie (30 years of age).

Growing up, life hasn’t been easy for me, 7 days before my 17th birthday, I lost my soul mate, my best friend and at the time the love of my life. My partner was in a horrific car crash and killed himself in 2006.

I blamed myself for years and years, and to this day it still affects and haunts me.

But, you have to believe that life gets better and time heals. I strongly believe that you should never get behind the wheel when you are sad, angry or tired. Arguments lead to stupid outrageous decisions in life.

I blamed myself for him dying, I got myself in to toxic relationships, drug abuse, just so I could ease the pain on what happened. I pushed away closest friends and I was on suicidal watch.

I hated life.

It’s not until you see the light that you realise that you should never blame yourself, it’s their choice not yours. It took me 10 years to understand that.

I am now engaged, have a successful business of 8 years and I’ve stopped blaming myself for someone else’s life decision.

Never blame yourself from someone else’s choices 🙏 life gets better. You just have to close your eyes and believe X

Kristine Ross